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Proud 2 welcome

The proud 2 welcome program is designed to create mutual understanding in international hospitality. Especially for local staff and international management in the Hotel business in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South-America that receives a lot of tourists from Western-Europe.

The basic program contains three goals:

  1. True satisfaction of the stay by guests in such a way that you collect more positive (online) reviews
  2. Happy and confident employees with an increased focus on customer satisfaction
  3. A great energy boost to start the new season

In the program we focus first on the pride of the employee. Being proud of the country, the resort and their hostmanship. The second focus point is the communication, like handling (difficult)conversations, like complaint handling and setting boundaries in a polite and effective way. The third focus is “welcome”, awareness of the things you can do to give the guest the best service so they feel welcome.

The program will be customized based on your goals. Always in combination of a management program for the managers, to ensure the results will last.